June 11, 2024


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Unemployment means that when people don’t have jobs. Don’t have jobs? Come on it’s 2021, the argument of having no jobs seems ancient. Let’s now discuss the problem of unemployment.

Why do people do jobs? They do jobs to earn money for them and their family. A job can be of any form from which a person can earn money. Talking about my country, our region, the Indo-Pak subcontinent, was a colonized region, and still, I think, even though the British have left, but still, our mindset is colonized. Most of the people here were made slaves of the British. Those people here were made to do Government Jobs (Sarkari Naukri), and still, they are tucked up in this ancient mindset of doing a Government Job. Now, we have to come out of this mindset, Government Jobs (Sarkari Naukri). And looking in broader perspective, a majority of the youth go towards finding a job instead of starting a business, or learning a skill to earn a living.

A major reason for such unemployment is our education system. Our education system doesn’t teach us to learn skills and start earning, instead of finding jobs. From day one, the students are trained to find a job, after completing their Bachelor degree, when it is too late to get a proper job, and then they have a degree in their hands going here and there finding jobs. The problem is that our education system doesn’t pay heed to skill learning, which ultimately leads to unemployment, because, in this era, you can only survive if you have proper skills. The era of old, traditional jobs is over. In this era, you have to learn a skill and earn. Furthermore, our education system is outdated, they don’t teach things according to what the industry demands, hence the result is that when a fresh graduate goes for a job, he can’t find any because what he studied is not according to what is demanded in the industry. We need to update our education system and bring it as per industrial standards.

Moving on, another reason for this unemployment is the family pressures. The family wants their child to become an Engineer, but the scope of engineering has declined, but when the child is forced to do so, he can get a label of an Engineer but he cannot get a job, because the jobs of Electrical Engineers, Civil Engineer, Chemical Engineers have finished. Go for something new, something innovative, do whatever you want to do, but see what’s the scope of that field shortly. The future is all based on Data Sciences, AI, Machine Learning, IoT, Data Analytics, and the root of all of them is Computer Sciences. So, my advice for the youngsters, go for something new, take a peek into the future, and set your priorities. Go towards earning at an early age, go towards freelancing, don’t wait for someone to give you a job, you have to do it yourself. Learn a skill, go for earning online.

Furthermore, a major reason for unemployment is the mindset of not earning at an early age, the whole family is dependent on one person who is earning from a job, and the others sit back and eat. Earning money is not gender-specific or age-specific, anyone anywhere can earn money sitting at home, provided they have some good skills. Degree and skills go side by side, gain knowledge as well as skills to live the current era. If we all learn skills, start earning, there will be no unemployment. People earn money from Social Media and YouTube as well, go for it, learn and earn. There are many people in Pakistan promoting online earning, learn from them. Furthermore, there must be no shyness in earning money from even a small shop, selling Samosa or even fruits and vegetables, or anything, go out and earn, and not just sit at your homes complaining about unemployment. If our people change their mindset, so much can be done, and yes unemployment can be ended.

In the end, I would say, the whole duty of providing jobs and employment is not of Government, you have to put your effort into it. In IT jobs out 4 only 1 job is filled because people don’t have updated skills, so please focus on learning skills up to date, to either get a good job, or go for entrepreneurship, go for online earning, there are so many areas where you can earn in a Halal way, go for it, and stop complaining about unemployment. Learn, Earn and Teach others to Learn and Earn, this is how you end this unemployment. Stop blaming the government, the government’s job is to support, and your job is to JUST DO IT.

I hope this article will be helpful to you all, to learn to earn online visit Hisham Sarwar’s YouTube channel.

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This is Immad Shahid Qureshi signing off.

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